Girlz Win

Moment of truth

My name is Paul Redman. My moment of truth did not come instantly, or with one traumatic event or loss, but rather it has come over a period of about 35 years.

I was born in Barbados, in my grandmother’s bed. We were sleeping in that bed when a serial rapist tried to enter our bedroom window. My grandmother (Daisy Redman) was afraid of no one – and the perverted monster was no exception. She slammed into him with a hammer which she kept unbeknownst to me under our bed and he fled into the night and was later captured. I was about 5 years old (Moment One). At the age of 10 I began taking Martial Arts lessons, and by age 16 I was National Champion in Shotokan Karate. I taught young beginner students at the local club and for some reason, always took special interest in making sure the female students kicked and punched as hard as their young male counterparts (Moment Two). Fast forward to the years 2000-2012 and every chance I get, I teach any young woman I know how to defend herself before she goes off to college. I come into contact with many young women through my Personal Training business, and my gift of self-defense became my standard high school graduation present (Moment Three).

One young woman close to our family, who left for college without receiving my standard present, was the victim of a violent sexual assault during her freshman year in 2012. It was at that moment (Moment Four) that I decided that I had to do something. I refined my system, plunged myself into enormous amounts of research and analysis, came up with the name “Girlzwin” and marched forward with the mission to educate girls before they enter college. Now my system is very well received in the community and Girlzwin is raising awareness to girls and boys alike on the issue of sexual assaults on college campuses, and we are indeed making a difference.

Girlzwin is for Daisy Redman, and all the young women in our community. I encourage all of you, to find your “moment” of truth.

Paul Redman
Girlzwin LLC