Girlz Win


Educate Girls: Through education and awareness, we arm young women with information to help them make critical choices. Some of these choices can reduce the chance of them becoming a victim altogether. While an assault is never the victim’s fault, we encourage personal responsibility and reliance on peer support systems to increase safety.

Educate Boys: Sexual assault is not a gender issue, it’s a human issue. We believe that young men can make a difference. We advocate applying positive peer pressure to change attitudes and actions which lead to assaults.

Give girls tools: The Girlzwin self-defense system provides realistic, unique and surprisingly easy to apply solutions to any violent confrontation. It is fun to learn, simple and unforgettable.

Make a difference: We believe that by educating girls and boys alike, and providing girls with reliable and effective tools to handle encounters, we can actually reduce the number of assaults occurring in our country.